Lessons of Self Discovery Course


Today, our youth experience a world moving at warp speed with our technological advances.  These advances give youth the access to the judgements, emotions and behaviors of millions of other people, creating distance from the one person who matters the most.  Lessons of Self Discovery is an exploration into uncovering “true self”. This course is a guide to accepting our unique gifts, abilities, talents and characteristics as the sum whole of who we are meant to become, allowing everyone on this journey to confidently develop ideas, thoughts and dreams knowing that it uniquely comes from within and therefore is our own “Genius”. We are all created special and with purpose to make our contribution to the world. Get ready to enjoy your journey to self and discover your greatness.

OMG Re-Entry and Prevention

The purpose of this program is to provide youth who are reintegrating into their community from detention centers with skills that will empower and encourage them to have a positive impact on their community. Most important objective of reentry programs is to prevent recidivism.  We help youth in our program to develop the right mindset to be college, career and/or entrepreneurship ready.  Finding employment is a crucial step of a formerly incarcerated individual to reintegrate into the community. Although research has shown that many employers will not hire individuals with criminal backgrounds. This often leaves formerly incarcerated individuals with limited options such as government assistance or low-wage occupations which hamper their ability to contribute to the family income.  We increase those options by helping the young people in our program create social capital and build a network of positive influences.  With strong social capital these youth will be presented with opportunities to change their life forever.

Possibility of Entrepreneurship


The challenges of today call for us to prepare our youth to be self-reliant. We have learned that simply working for someone your entire life does not give one wealth or financial freedom. It is imperative we teach young people to create their own legacy.


Possibility of Entrepreneurship Program introduces young people to what it takes to create your own business so that self-reliance, creativity, ingenuity and independence are norms to our youth.


Entrepreneurship is a key piece to progressive education. After this 10-week program, your son and/or daughter will have all the necessary components to create a business model for their ideas and creative genius. In addition, for their final project they will research how to bring their idea to market and present their plan to the class to earn their certificate of completion.


Today, colleges and universities want to know what students have done in addition to school. They are looking for students who are innovative and have diverse experiences, and this course gives them something tangible to demonstrate that’s who they are. This program will shape the next wave of leaders for the economic stability of our world.


PositiveOne Education

PositiveOne Education is a 7-week course that provides youth with the basic/universal principles of a positive mindset. The principles will give our youth a well-rounded understanding of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-worth. These three core attributes are the keys to building a solid foundation for a positive mindset. We review our core principles and through practical application we teach youth how to utilize the principals to assist them in maintaining a positive mindset.


Core Principles are:


1.Accept My Truth

2.Stay in my Lane

3.Accept People for where they are in their journey

4.I Become what I think about

5.What I focus on will expand

6.Have a "checkmate" in my life

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Our athletics programs teaches life skills. We focus on work ethic, learning from mistakes and team work.  Our program teaches youth the proper way to play the game with focus on mechanics.  Also the youth who participate have an opportunity to be connected with a positive role model to help navigate through life.  We offer sports workouts for groups and individuals helping young people understand the sport is just a microcosm of life. 

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