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MARK FRAZIER |Co-Founder  

Mark Frazier, was born in Plainfield, NJ.  After graduating from Centenary College in 1997 he worked for a major corporation in the car rental industry for 17 years holding leadership positions such as Branch Manager, Business Rental Sales Manager and Area Manager.  Today he owns and operates multiple businesses as an entrepreneur.

Mark, has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and furthermore empowering and encouraging youth to become entrepreneurs. "The belief is if young people at an early age begin to develop ideas and work towards those ideas it builds their self-confidence, self-worth and self-awareness, ultimately they enter into their adult life with a stronger sense of self."  

Over the last 15 years Mark, has worked with young people in multiple capacities;  Football and basketball coach, mentor and volunteer in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system.    

Mark's passion for young people is centered around the fact that “children are our future”.  "As adults we are always preparing for our life tomorrow, so why would we not invest in our most precious resource, our children.  The On My Genius Campaign is that investment and the goal is to reach as many young people as possible and aid them in character development, positive mindset and believing in themselves."


Linel “Lee” Williams, III was born and raised in Carthage, NC, just outside of Charlotte, NC. Lee learned how to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities given to him from his parents. His athletic ability and drive earned him a scholarship to the University of Richmond, where he graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Religious Studies.

After graduation, Lee began his career working his way up in the Enterprise Rent-a-Car management program before switching career paths and working for Travelers Insurance as a claims adjustor. While successful in his career, Lee’s passion for life has always led him to seek out other ventures and hobbies.

This passion also led him into a conversation with friend and business partner Mark Frazier. During that conversation one summer night the two discussed how they could make life better not just for themselves, but for the world…and that night the concept that has become Positive One was born.

Positive One is a mindset. Individuals who are Positive One see their lives and the world through a positive lens. They recognize their own unique gifts and try to use them to help improve the world and not give in to the doubt and fear that keeps people from even trying. Positive One promotes individuality over conformity; be bold and be proud of who you are regardless of societal or peer pressure saying differently.


Erica L. Frazier  | Executive Director

Erica L. Frazier is a Certified Life Coach, she has a M.A. in Human Services Counseling, Marriage and Family Studies from Liberty University, and a BS in Management from the University of Phoenix. Erica began working in banking and finance in her hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey. Upon relocating to Charlotte, NC in the mid 90’s, Erica continued working in finance. It was not until Erica was faced with a major family and life transition that she recognized her passion for working with children and families.


Erica has worked with individuals and families for over 12 years in various roles to support them in overcoming barriers to success. Erica’s no nonsense yet nurturing approach when working with clients, has led to clients feeling safe in identifying previous roadblocks in their life journey. In addition to working with families, Erica has worked with small businesses to assist them administratively and organizationally.  


In her quiet time, Erica enjoys journaling, trips to the beach, and reading. She is the proud mother of three awesome children ages 24, 15, and 12. 

Erica states, “I have always had a passion to help others reach their potential, achieve their goals and overcome life's obstacles.” 

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John "John Doe" Doctor is a creative musical genius. He has written, recorded and produced several songs and albums to his credit. John is the Vice President of P1 Music and has his own recording studio where he helps many artists in the Charlotte area bring there talent to life. 

John has a passion to give back to his community and it shows through his dedication in teaching youth music production.

John Doctor

Music Program Director

TVP_3082-LTR (1).jpg

Juanita Green

Performance Artist: Theatre Actor/Teaching Artist

Juanita B. Green is from Charleston, SC and she is excited about creating

in Charlotte. Juanita was a teaching artist for many years in SC and NYC

before moving to Charlotte. She has spent numerous years working with

nonprofits to provide Art resources to underserved communities.

Theatre credits include: Rock and Roll Heaven with Midtown Productions,

SC (Tammi Terrell), Avenue Q with Hippodrome State Theatre, Fla (Gary

Coleman), Hairspray with Charleston Stage, SC (Dynamite), A Raisin in

the Sun with Footlight Theatre, SC (Beneatha), Avenue Q with Slow Burn

Theatre, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla (Gary Coleman), Avenue Q with Waterfront

Playhouse, Key West, Fla (Gary Coleman) and Rent with Next Stage

Theatre, Ga just to name a few. She attended the University of South

Carolina and completed her apprenticeship at Horizon Theatre in Atlanta.

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