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OMG Re-Entry and Prevention

The purpose of this program is to provide youth who are reintegrating into their community from detention centers with skills that will empower and encourage them to have a positive impact on their community. Most important objective of reentry programs is to prevent recidivism.  We help youth in our program to develop the right mindset to be college, career and/or entrepreneurship ready.  Finding employment is a crucial step of a formerly incarcerated individual to reintegrate into the community. Although research has shown that many employers will not hire individuals with criminal backgrounds. This often leaves formerly incarcerated individuals with limited options such as government assistance or low-wage occupations which hamper their ability to contribute to the family income.  We increase those options by helping the young people in our program create social capital and build a network of positive influences.  With strong social capital these youth will be presented with opportunities to change their life forever.

T-Shirt Making


  • Personal Branding (Increases Self-Awareness)

  • T-shirt making (Vinyl Heat Transfer Process)

  • Each participant receives a custom t-shirt

Music Production

We guide participants through the process of creating a song. Participants can choose to be apart of developing concepts (hooks,writing lyrics), beat selection and/or mixing and mastering. The goal is to engage young people in a project until the end.  In these sessions we create songs that our participants can share with their family and community. This program provides youth with a sense of accomplishment and thus increasing self-worth. 


We teach participants the basics of utilizing a camera (video, still photos), video/picture editing, and public speaking. Young people exercise their ability to evaluate, not only themselves but aspects of their environment and others. 

Let's Play (Drama/Acting)

Drama is a performing art, an outlet for self-expression and a way of learning.  Drama is an effective learning tool because it involves the participant intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Drama is a teaching tool that allows participants to participate, demonstrate, and observe in a controlled, non-threatening environment. 

Activities Include:

  • Improvisation

  • Pantomime

  • Play-making

  • Scene Reenactment

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