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Possibility of Entrepreneurship

The challenges of today call for us to prepare our youth to be self-reliant. We have learned that simply working for someone your entire life does not give one wealth or financial freedom. It is imperative we teach young people to create their own legacy.


Possibility of Entrepreneurship Program introduces young people to what it takes to create your own business so that self-reliance, creativity, ingenuity and independence are norms to our youth.


Entrepreneurship is a key piece to progressive education. After this 10-week program, your son and/or daughter will have all the necessary components to create a business model for their ideas and creative genius. In addition, for their final project they will research how to bring their idea to market and present their plan to the class to earn their certificate of completion.


Today, colleges and universities want to know what students have done in addition to school. They are looking for students who are innovative and have diverse experiences, and this course gives them something tangible to demonstrate that’s who they are. This program will shape the next wave of leaders for the economic stability of our world.

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